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Food for the Future

We're on a mission to build a circular food economy that'll nurture the planet while you nourish yourself and your family. Here's how we're making it happen.

One Big Sustainability Family

We've worked really hard to build a network of farmers and artisan makers who share our love for the Earth to make sure that each basket brings you the kind of food that's grown and prepared in a way that's making a real difference.

Read Our Sourcing Philosophy

46+ Local small scale farms with fresh picks

42+ of Ontario's best artisan makers for all of your weekly staples

10+ responsible meat farmers across Ontario & fisherfolk across Canada

Earth Friendly Packaging

It's easy to be green with our trusty reusable bins, reusable thermal bags, and glass jar return programs. We're always always looking for ways to improve and opportunities to add in small changes that, together, make a big impact!

Reusable Bins

Bins are returned, sanitized & reused again! At the end of their cycle the blue bins can be melted down and repurposed while the frozen bins will be recycled.

Reusable Thermal Bags

Insulated thermal bags and loose dry ice help to deliver your fridge and frozen goods at the proper temps. These are reusable and help us all reduce single-use packaging.

Jar Returns

Mama's Kitchen jars, yogurt jars, juice jars, milk jars. Leave them in your empty bin (a quick wash greatly appreciated!) and we'll reuse them!

Fighting Food Waste

Food waste is a big deal, especially in the traditional grocery world, but we like to do things differently. Check out how we're working really hard to minimize food waste.

Giving Back

Only the best of the best goes into your basket, whatever doesn't make the cut (but is still super delicious) is donated to our community partners, food banks, and a monkey sanctuary (true story!).

Farm Food Rescue

Beauty is skin deep but flavour is forever. We rescue the imperfectly perfect items from the farm and help find them homes, and Mama's Kitchen even gets in on the action with some of their soups.

Compost Program

After we've shared all that we can, the odds and ends are picked up by a composting program to turn it into something to help rebuild the soil health in nearby farms (full circle, the way nature intended).

Smaller Footprint, Bigger Impact

You know what they say about small carbon footprints, big hearts! We're really proud of all of our efforts to maximize your experience, while minimizing our impact on the Earth.

Optimized Delivery Routes

Our delivery routes are mapped out and optimized to group close neighbourhoods together to help minimize carbon emissions and food miles so we're extra efficient with our impact on the environment.

Fixed Farm Pickups

Our optimized routes aren't just for deliveries, we also map them out with minimal carbon emissions in mind for the trips we make to our farm partners to pick-up produce and to our charitable partners. We make the fewest number of trips to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bigger Than a Basket

Adelle Davis once said that while we are more than what we eat, what we eat can nevertheless help us to be more than we are. And with your baskets and support, we can reinvest in our farms and support our community for a better future!

Learn About Our Social Initiatives

$77K+ Of interest-free farm loans invested since 2016 that are directly building our local food system

21K+ lbs of nutritious and delicious food donated in 2020 via Mama's Helping Mamas to support our community partners

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