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Cucamelons (8 oz)

Cucamelons (8 oz)

$ 7.90 for 8 oz

Watermelon (Sorbet Swirl, large)

HOPE Produce, ON

$ 10.00 $ 7.05 for 1


Blueberries (Wild, 1/2 pt) - Limited

Forbes Wild Foods, Ontario

$ 7.15 for 1/2 pint

Sold Out

Banana Brittle

FeelGoodGuru, ON

$ 7.95 for 100 g

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Loan to Our Friends at Kind Organics

Last year, we lent Sandra & Tamas at Kind Organics $10,000 to support the down payment on their farm, and we're happy to loan another $10,000 this year to help them renovate their greenhouse and irrigation system.

Sandra and Tamas are great partners, providing us with healthy organic sprouts and greens, and will repay us over the next few months in produce - a win for us and for them!

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