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Strawberries (1 quart = ~2 pints)

Wooler Dale Farm, ON

$ 8.55 for 1 quart


Lettuce (Mini, 2 heads)

Sosnicki, ON

$ 4.20 for 2 heads


Sea Asparagus (Salicornia) 1/4lb

Forbes Wild Foods, Ontario

$ 8.05 for 1/4 lb


Scone (Orange Chocolate Ginger)

St. John’s Bakery, ON

$ 3.30 for 110 g

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The Original Organic - Forbes Wild Foods

We're super excited to be working with this amazing Toronto company. They facilitate foraging from coast to coast and bring in some really cool items including Wild Leeks, Fiddleheads, Morels, Chanterelles & Oyster Leaf Mushrooms, Sea Asparagus, Wild Blueberries and Saskatoon Berries. In previous years we've been lucky to get a very limited amount of Paw Paws, probably one of the most unusual items we've ever carried!
All of the Forbes foragers are trained in sustainable harvesting methods, and are usually residents of remote rural areas, including indigenous people, youth, retirees, and professional foragers. They also work to propagate rare wild food plants by introducing them to areas that need remedial attention, like overgrazed woodlots and pastures.
Wild foods are the original organic foods, growing where nature intended them to grow and producing some bold and exciting flavours.

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