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Herb and Garlic Tree Nut Cheeze

Herb and Garlic Tree Nut Cheeze

Wood and Water

$ 11.00 for 115g

Apple (Fuji)

Apple (Fuji)


$ 1.60 for 1

Orange (Minneola)

Orange (Minneola)


$ 1.85 for 1


Soup of the Week (Creamy Potato & Leek)

FeelGoodGuru, ON

$ 13.95 $ 11.00 for 1 L

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Lunar Rhythms is getting ready for winter,
as Jess explains:

The transition from the growing season to the winter is a bit chaotic. A lot of our help are University students therefore they leave the beginning of September! Which is about the same time the harvest really ramps up and extra one day fall markets pop up. For me at least and I believe a lot of other vegetable growers, it is also a huge rush to get everything in to storage before freeze up. And the fields prepared for the next season. It is also a time of reflection because as you harvest all these plants you realize how amazing it is that chances are they were the ones you seeded in the spring or mid summer. And to this day it baffles my mind that a little seed can become a broccoli or carrot. It is so beyond amazing!

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