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Brown Rice And Ontario Green Bean Salad

Posted: Friday, August 24th, 2012

Serves: 2

Ingredients: 2 cups water

3/4 cup long-grain brown rice

1 cup green beans, cut diagonally in 1-inch pieces

2 tsp chopped fresh tarragon leaves

2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Preparation: In a 2-quart heavy saucepan bring 2 cups water, salted, to a boil and stir in rice. Cook rice, covered, over moderately low heat until water is absorbed, about 40 minutes. Refresh rice in a colander under cold water and drain. While rice is cooking, in a small saucepan of boiling salted water blanch beans 2 minutes and drain in colander. Rinse beans under cold water and drain. In a bowl toss together rice, beans, tarragon, oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Gourmet, 1996.

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