Detox Tonic

Village Juicery
Toronto, Ontario

$10.00 for 410 mL

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A tonic is a fortifying beverage of spring water, cold pressed juice and the earth’s most potent herbs and superfoods. An all-natural, organic boost for feelings of vigor and well-being.


Activated Charcoal: Virgin coconut shells are burned at high temperatures to create a highly absorbent carbon with millions of tiny pores that bind to and help eliminate substances in your system.

Milk Thistle: Ancient herb that contains silymarin, used as a prescribed medication in modern Europe to support those recovering from liver damage.

Stinging Nettle: This wild perennial, naturally covered in stinging hairs, is processed into an extract often used by naturalists for purification and pain relief.

Keep refrigerated. Shelf life about 3 days

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