1 Year Cheddar

Fromagerie L'Ancêtre
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This cheese is un-pasturized/raw and lactose free. As of 2008, un-pasturized cheeses can now be sold in Ontario (as long as they've been aged for at least 60 days). This process kills the bacteria and keeps the flavour that's lost in the pasteurization process!"

Contrary to conventional cows, they have access to pasture, from May to mid-October. They can graze and get some exercise. Outside of this period of time, they have access to the outside to get their daily exercise. So these cows have the chance to go to the pasture getting great grass (weather allows it).A daily dose of grass/hay have to be gives to the cows for a minimum of 60% of their food. They can also get some organic grain like barley, soy, corn, oat and wheat at the condition that this doesn’t exceed 40% of their total fed. During the Summer the percentage of grass is a lot higher then the minimum of 60% requested because cows are going in the pasture each day.