Bananas (Fair Trade, Bunch)

for 4, ~1.5lbs
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It’s hard to resist the creamy sweetness of a perfectly ripe banana! Start your day off with one, eat one as a pre-workout snack, or pack a banana wherever you go so you'll always have a quick, convenient source of nutrition to pick you up during the day.

You may notice that from week to week your bananas arrive at different levels of ripeness. This is because we bring our bananas in fresh daily, and while there is a science and art to banana ripening, our suppliers aren't always able to hit the ideal level of ripeness every day (about a Stage 4, in the image below)

Because we want you to have time to enjoy your bananas all week, we try to send them on the greener side, to give you time to ripen them up at home. We always aim for bananas that fall between Stages 3 and 4.5. In very rare cases we may have to send something as green as a Stage 2 (which is just starting to show the faintest bit of yellow).

If your bananas are more green than you would like when you receive them, you can always speed up the ripening process by placing the bananas in a warm location in a brown paper bag, ideally with a ripe fruit or two, such as apples, pears or kiwis. Check on the bananas daily, as this should induce ripening quite quickly.