Best of the Maritimes


$71.00 for 12 serv.

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We’re not here to settle the which is best, East or West, debate (though it is hard to argue with scallops...).  Everything in this crate comes to you from the Maritimes, and (like all Fisherfolk items) it all actually stays in Canada for handling and packaging.

You’ll get:

  • 150-200 pc Wild Small Coldwater shrimp (2-4 portions)
  • 6-9 pc Wild Scallops (1-2 portions)
  • ~28 oz Wild Haddock (4-6 portions)

10-12 Servings.

All Fisherfolk items come to you from real people with a boatload of integrity. This direct access and fair payment to the real ‘fisherfolk’ means we can be 1,000% sure there’s no overfishing and minimal bycatch.

Who knew good fish was so much more than great taste?

What's Inside This Bundle