Chef's Pick Soup - Carrot, Roasted Fennel & Dill

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Chef's Pick Soup

Our Chef's are helping us use up our abundance of food one super tasty soup at a time. Each day they'll craft a unique offering with the fresh produce that's not quite perfect enough for YOUR baskets. These ingredients will change based on availability, so you’ll just have to trust us when we say it'll tickle your tastebuds!

Psst! This soup will also always be vegan!

Heating Instructions: Warm in sauce pot over medium heat until simmering.

Made fresh using the best organic ingredients in Mama's Kitchen. Best consumed within 3 days. Keep refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy. To freeze: transfer soup to freezer safe container.

4 servings

Please leave your empty and rinsed bottles and jars in your bin for pick up on your next delivery. We'll reuse them!