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Homemade pizzas are one of our favourite ways to get kids cooking in the kitchen. We've bundled together Mama's Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce and Shredded Mozarella so that your kiddos have more time to get creative with their toppings. Check out Mama's Prepped Pizza Toppings to help make the ultimate pizza!

Pizza Stretching Tips
You can always roll the pizza with a rolling pin, but stretching the dough with your hands will keep more of the air bubbles and create a crispier crust. Here's how: 
What You'll Need
Pizza stone or cookie sheet, Semolina flour or cornmeal and all purpose flour
Let dough come to room temperature before stretching
Pre-heat over to 450F then place stone in the oven
Have your toppings in mind, because you'll have to work fast once the dough is ready (so the stone doesn't loose heat)
Stretch it Out 
Coat both the dough and work surface with your flour
Start from the middle of the dough and work it to the outside with your hands
At 6" diameter, work it to the back of your hands (like in the movies) and keep stretching
At 8" diameter, hold it my the edge and work around the dough gently using the weight of the dough to stretch itself; if the dough is translucent don't stretch any further. 
You are finished stretching at 10" diameter. 2mm thickness is what you are aiming for (this may seem thin, but it'll rise in the oven). The crust should be thicker than the middle.
Damage Control
Trying to stretch it and it keeps shrinking back? Let it sit on the counter for 3-5 mins and then continue stretching (you need to give the gluten time to relax)
Made a hole in the dough? Pinch the hole closed and avoid that area while you continue stretching it. 
Ready to Cook
Take pizza stone out of oven (it'll be hot!!), and sprinkle with flour or cornmeal. 
Use back of your hands to gently place the dough on the stone
Now it's time to build your pizza! Less is more when working with sauce, cheese or toppings
Put back in the oven, wait for 6-8 minutes. This will vary with your oven and how many toppings you use. 

Bon Appetit!  

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