Kale (Green or Black)

Victory Organics
for 1 bunch
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Kale is such a tasty green but is all too often overlooked! It's not overpowering or bitter, with a mild, pleasant, slightly piquant taste. It holds its texture when cooked, yet it"s tender, not tough. Hearty and sweetly flavorful, this nutrient powerhouse is a great addition to soups and stews, braises and stir-frys. Kale is a tasty treat when tossed with your favourite salad dressing (i.e. honey mustard) and then dehydrated on low in the oven until crispy, for snack chips. 

It's so tasty many pests love it too! Because this is organic produce (so not sprayed with any pesticides non-organic farmers might use) it's not uncommon for the leaves to contain a few holes from critters who've helped themselves to a meal in the field. Regardless of the odd hole, your kale will always be super fresh, crispy and delicious!

You will receive either green, black, or red kale!