Classic Chicken Soup Bundle

Mama Earth Organics
Toronto, ON

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With one click of a button you can add a whole meal to your basket! This bundle includes Mitchell's Classic Chicken and Herb Soup Mix and Mama's Mirepoix Veggie Mix, which when combined creates the perfect comfort meal for any night!

We've bundled together a few of our favourite things, to make it easy for you to get our top picks!

Cooking directions:

1) In large pot, brown 1-2lb chicken (or chicken substitute) and 1 chopped onion

2) Pinch bag of soup directly below the noodles, pour out just the noddles, and set aside

3) Add to pot: 10 C water, remaining package contents (not including noodles), 1 1/2C chopped celery, 1 1/2 C chopped carrot. Bring to a boil, and  then simmer covered until cooked (approx. 1-2 hrs.), adding noodles for the last 15 mins of cooking. Season with salt and pepper. 

Serves 8-10. Cost per serving: $1.70

NOTE: To make 5-6 servings, mix package in zip lock and use half.

Please note that some ingredients may be field harvested. For best results inspect for elements of nature before cooking. 

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