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Goat Milk

Cross Wind Farm
Cross Wind Farm
Keene, Ontario
for 1L
Locally Sourced
Gluten Friendly
Local Owned
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Creamy, flavourful, healthy. farm fluid goat milk made in small batches.

We endeavour to pasteurize our bottled milk within hours of milking’s, providing a refreshing smooth taste. Our milk is batch pasteurized which for the consumer provides a healthy clean product. Nothing added; nothing lost.

Our milk is proudly non-homogenized! Non-homogenized milk is creamy, fresh, and delicious, but it does differ from homogenized milk in some very important ways. Non-homogenized milk has natural cream separation which rises to the top of the bottle. Even after shaking the bottle these clumps of cream will not completely dilute. Wondering what to use these clumps of cream for? We recommend using a tea strainer to captivate the cream. From there you can add it to hot chocolate, children’s cereal, or in baking. Please remember: These clumps of cream do not indicate that your milk has gone bad. They are completely natural, and very delicious!