Shot - Digestion

Village Juicery
Toronto, Ontario
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I'm the perfect dinner date. Whatever you're in the mood for, I'll help break down a heavy meal or help you take in the nutrients of the healthy stuff you're about to eat. Best of all, there's no tipping required! Take me before or after a meal, and I’ll make sure to give your digestive tract the lovin’ that it needs. I’m loaded with bromelain, a digestive enzyme found in pineapple, which aids in the break down of food and treats any inflammation you may have. My probiotic and enzyme-rich apple cider vinegar help to reduce bloating, cramps or indigestion while fighting off bad bacteria and stabilizing blood sugar levels after a meal. Finally, my burdock root acts as a tonic for your entire digestive system and supports the growth of healthy bacteria to help improve your inner balance.

Shelf life is 5 days.