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Herb (Basil, Aquaponic, 20g) - delicate

Aqua Greens
Aqua Greens
Mississauga, Ontario
for 20 g
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This basil is super local, very tasty and grown aquaponically. This means that the basil is grown in water and it tends to show more bruising than soil grown basil. This is because it is younger and isn't exposed to the elements in the same way that soil grown basil is. Consume this delicious stuff quickly!

Basil is one of the oldest and most popular herbs. It’s filled with phytonutrients and teeming with possible uses. Try adding some fresh basil to your salad greens, chopping a few leaves into your sautéed vegetables, or stacking basil with fresh mozzarella and nectarine slices under a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a summery snack.