Spot Prawns

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Spot prawns aren't your typical shrimp! These super limited prawns come frozen in the seawater they're caught in (super cool!). If you're used to tiger shrimp or similar varieties with a strong shrimp taste, these will be quite different. The taste is sweet, buttery, and delicate - often likened to lobster.

These delicious prawns come raw with the shell on and have a pink hue (even when raw!) but they’re totally worth the extra work to prepare.

Thaw: in the fridge over night.

Peel them: use a paring knife, score them along the back, allowing you to peel open the shell and remove the vein (run them under cold water to do so).

Cook: Try them grilled with the shell on, steamed, or sauteed with light sauces or flavours (garlic and lemon are no-brainers here!). Once they form a ""C"" that means they’re ‘cooked’ and ready to go, but if the tip and tail touch to form an ""O"" that means they're overcooked. Keep it simple with the flavours here to appreciate the delicate flavour in all its glory. 

These spot prawns are wild caught in BC, and they're processed and frozen right on the boat! The spot prawns are placed in the packaging which is then filled with water right from sea to preserve their freshness.

For best results, use immediately after thawing.