Green Meadow Eggs (Small, 18 pack)

Green Meadow

$6.75 for 18 eggs

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These eggs are from Green Meadow, a division of HOPE Eco-Farm in Aylmer, ON. In this small flock, the hens roam freely in green grass and live in mobile hen shelters, choosing shade or sun as they please. While these are not certified organic, they are fed grain from farms transitioning to organic. They receive GMO free feed (mostly oats, barley and wheat). Any corn they are fed is from heritage, open-pollinated varieties.

Note about egg size: As new young flocks are purchased, the egg size will be small for a few months. As the hens grow, so do their egg size! So overtime the egg size changes to medium for a little while and then will they will become large for a few months after that. Then the cycle will begin again! If you have Green Meadow Eggs on your standing order, you will be notified when there are changes to the egg size.