Rainbow Trout


$16.95 for ~12-13oz

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Low on vitamin D? This rainbow trout is jam-packed full of the sunshine vitamin with more than the recommended daily amount in just one serving!

This tender fish has a mild, nutty flavour that’s similar to salmon, and best enjoyed with mild sauces to savour the flavour. You’ll love it pan-fried or oven-baked with a squeeze of lemon and fresh dill!

Just a heads up that this fish is not scaled! This process is skipped to protect the delicate nature of the fillets, but no need to worry about it unless you plan on eating the skin (if so, just scale it yourself before cooking)!

This fish is co-cultivated by the people of the Odawa Nation of Anishnaabek, at Odawa Island Farms in Lake Huron (wild Rainbow Trout isn’t commercially available). They’re kept in a low-density environment with free-flowing water and lots of room to swim. They’re given a carefully formulated, healthy diet, without absolutely no added hormones or antibiotics. This trout farm is actively helping regenerate the ecosystem after Lake Huron experienced a trophic collapse due to the invasion of zebra mussels which left little phytoplankton and zooplankton.

Note that the feed given to the trout contains chicken.

Each order contains 2 portions. These pieces will vary in shape and size depending on the cut. For best results, thaw in the fridge overnight and use within 2 days. While Fisherfolk tries their best to remove all of the bones from every fillet, sometimes a couple may slip through.