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Dried Mushrooms - Lobster

Forbes Wild Foods
Forbes Wild Foods
Toronto, Ontario
for 14g
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Lobster Mushrooms have become quite popular because of their distinct seafood-like taste and aroma. Lobster mushrooms are in fact two mushrooms, a white mushroom with an orange mushroom that covers them. In a vegetarian or seafood casserole, these mushrooms can fool diners into thinking that they are eating crab or lobster both by taste and by appearance. They are also excellent powdered and used as a rub or to make a pink cream sauce for pastas.

To reconstitute, cover in cold or warm water (never hot), wine or stock until tender (takes between 5-30 minutes). Saute with garlic and/ or onion, or add directly to soups, stews, risotto, pasta and meat sauces. Dried mushrooms can also be powdered and added directly to recipes.

Store dried mushrooms in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.