Salad of the Week (Banh Mi Banh You)

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The easiest way to get a delicious salad into your basket each week! Each week a different salad will be chosen from our kitchen menu and added to your order.  The salad for next week will be listed on our website by Friday afternoon. 

This Week's Salad: Banh Mi Banh You (Large)

If you're looking for a flavour kick then look no further! Pickled carrots and onions are paired with colourful cabbage and radish, cilantro and crunchy cucumber for one great fork-full. Bites of tofu are marinated in lime, sesame oil and soy sauce to accompany the rest of this flavour party! 

Keep refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy.

Made fresh using the best organic ingredients in Mama's Kitchen. Best consumed within 3 days.
Family Box - size: 48 oz, (4oz. of dressing)
Jar - size: 750 mL, (2oz. of dressing)
When purchasing a salad in a box, there is 5 cents built into the price that will be donated to offset the carbon impact of this packaging.
Please leave your empty and rinsed bottles and jars in your bin for pick up on your next delivery. We'll reuse them! 

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