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1% of all kitchen sales
towards supporting
Moms facing food insecurity

Over 1 million visits to a food bank last year (up 4% from 2018) and one third of those visitors were children under 18*

* Who's Hungry 2019 Report, Daily Bread

Getting Involved Is Easy

At Mama Earth, we think everyone deserves access to good, nutritious, organic food. So, you can imagine how pumped we are to launch Mama's Helping Mamas! On an ongoing basis, we are committing 1% of our kitchen sales (not just profits!) to support moms who are facing food insecurity and are challenged to afford nutritious food to feed their families. We will partner with various registered charities to help get our hyper-fresh organic produce to those who need it most.

Jessie's Center

Our new Mama’s Helping Mamas partner, Jessie’s Centre!

Jessie’s Centre is on a mission to nurture the healthy development of pregnant teens, young parents and their children. They’re making a great impact on their community with a high school on site to help moms finish their diplomas, while also providing housing support, and offering amazing counseling, community, and comprehensive health education (like nutrition, prenatal, and postnatal) programs!

The produce that we’re donating to Jessie’s Centre through our Mama’s Helping Mamas program will be a part of the healthy meals and snacks that they provide to moms in their various programs, including the breakfast program that they offer to moms finishing their high school diploma!

If you'd like the opportunity to do some real good too, we'd be happy to have your support! If this doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies, we don't know what will! Help us give these kids (and Mamas!) a better life.

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