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Over 1 million visits to a food bank last year (up 4% from 2018) and one third of those visitors were children under 18*

* Who's Hungry 2019 Report, Daily Bread

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At Mama Earth, we think everyone deserves access to good, nutritious, organic food. So, you can imagine how pumped we are to launch Mama's Helping Mamas! On an ongoing basis, we are committing 1% of our kitchen sales (not just profits!) to support moms who are facing food insecurity and are challenged to afford nutritious food to feed their families. We will partner with various registered charities to help get our hyper-fresh organic produce to those who need it most. We are happy to announce our first partnership with The Stop Community Food Centre, specifically supporting their Healthy Beginnings Program!

And, if you'd like the opportunity to do some real good this year, we're opening it up to your support too! If this doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies, we don't know what will! Help us give these kids (and Mamas!) a better life.

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The Stop

You may remember The Stop from our Holiday food drives in the past, so as soon as we discovered this opportunity, we knew right away we wanted to help them support pregnant and new moms who've been dealt a challenging hand. Because managing things like low income, sole support parenting, unstable housing, language barriers and/or lack of access to health care services, can often translate into poor pregnancy outcomes like low birth weight. And, as it turns out, low birth weight is the single greatest risk factor for other health complications down the road.

This program has seen a near 100% success rate in their Mamas having full term happy and healthy babies (188 of them last year to be exact!) and that number is growing every year. I'm telling you, these are some of the strongest people we've ever met, and watching them thrive with the support of the Healthy Beginnings program is the most inspiring thing we've ever done (we still can't believe we get to be a part of it!).

At the Healthy Beginnings program, these Mamas are provided with a hot lunch, a healthy food basket, food vouchers as well as education and support from a team of health care professionals (not to mention an endless stream of love from neighbouring Portuguese and Italian grandmothers who show up to volunteer each week!).

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