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Over 1 million visits to a food bank last year (up 4% from 2018) and one third of those visitors were children under 18*

* Who's Hungry 2019 Report, Daily Bread

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At Mama Earth, we think everyone deserves access to good, nutritious, organic food. So, you can imagine how proud we are of Mama's Helping Mamas! On an ongoing basis, we are supporting support moms who are facing food insecurity and are challenged to afford nutritious food to feed their families. We will partner with various registered charities to help those who need it most.

 The Native Women’s Resource Centre
      of Toronto

Our new Mama’s Helping Mamas partner, The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT)!

The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) began in 1985 when a dedicated group of Indigenous women recognized the need for a gathering place in Toronto where Indigenous women could share resources, support one another, and practice their traditions.

Today, the Native Women’s Resource Centre continues to be guided by the Seven Sacred teachings: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth. Bringing these teachings into their programming, events, and ways of being, provides a safe and welcoming space for all self-identifying Indigenous women (including cisgender, transgender, and two-spirited people) and their children from across the GTA. Through a variety of programs, the NWRCT is supporting urban Indigenous women and children from all walks of life, building self-sufficiency and the collective capacity to make positive change.

The fresh produce that we’re donating to The Native Women’s Resource Centre through our Mama’s Helping Mamas program will be helping to address food insecurity by supporting their Grocery Support program and filling boxes with fresh and nutritious fruits and veg to help more than 120 Mamas & their families each week!

If you'd like the opportunity to do some real good too, we'd be happy to have your support (100% of your cash donations goes directly to their programs & participants!). Help us make a real difference and give these Mamas (and their families!) a better life.

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The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto


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