How It Works

We make it easy to automate a healthy lifestyle while making a positive impact on Ontario farming communities

Customize Your Produce Picks & Delivery Each Week

It all starts with a produce basket curated each week by our experts to provide you and your family with the freshest, seasonal produce (local is the priority)! You can then customize to your heart's content and make it your own.

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Add-on & Subscribe to Weekly Essentials

Set it and forget it. Our market has all of the staples your family needs from the best artisans and local producers. Add on a weekly or bi-weekly subscription to eggs, milk, fresh bread and so much more.

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Add Meals From Our Kitchen Made Daily

Built on the spirit of Mama Earth's relationships and connections to our farms, our chefs develop fresh and seasonal prepared meals, salads and snacks just for you. They're all made fresh from scratch and delivered straight to your door.

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Schedule Your Delivery & Set Food Preferences

Your weekly orders are delivered to your door by our friendly delivery folk in our Purple People Feeders (you've probably seen them around town!). Going away or need a quick break? Skip a week at anytime using our easy scheduler.

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A Weekly Delivery As Unique As You

With a selection of over hundreds of local veg, fruit and artisanal goods, you'll enjoy variety and inspiration each week!

Top Questions

  • What's in the basket?

    We have a few produce baskets to choose from (Fruit & Veg mixed baskets, Fruit Only, Veg Only, etc.) as well as a few different sizes. We change what's in them every week based on the season and what's coming in from our Farmers. We'll email you each week to let you know what's coming!

  • Can I customize my basket?

    You bet! The basket contents will change weekly. Each week, after the baskets are built, we'll send you an email so you know what's coming. From there you can go in and make as many changes as you'd like up until 10am the day before your delivery (or noon on Sunday for Monday customers). Also, if you want to make sure we never send you a particular fruit or veg, you can put it on your ‘never send' list by going to 'Produce Preferences' under 'My Account'.

  • How do I add prepped meals and pantry items to the basket?

    In the market, you can either hit 'Subscribe' to add it an item to your Subscription (and it will come with your basket each week) or you can hit the '+' button and it will add it to that week's order only.

  • Do I need to "check out" when I'm done creating my order?

    No need! We save everything you've put in your basket and assume that is final at 10 am the day before your delivery (or 12 pm on Sunday for Monday customers).