How does Mama Earth's organic grocery delivery service work?

How It Works

Mama Earth is a subscription service for people who love to eat, cook, share, and learn about food. From local organic produce, chef-made meals, responsibly-raised meat, and sustainable seafood, to everyday items like bread, dairy and eggs, each basket delivery is 1,000% guaranteed and makes good eating easy for those who don't have the time to shop.

Choose Exactly What You Want

Our curated produce baskets are as local and seasonally focused as possible, plus you're always free to customize to your heart's content. We create a new combinations each week for you.

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Add Your Staples

Our market has all of your staples covered, from responsibly-raised meat and sustainable seafood to the best local artisanal fresh-baked breads, dairy, eggs, and so much more.

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Try Chef Made Meals

We've all got our days so we've got you covered with a wide range of chef-prepared meals made to order, from scratch and always inspired by seasonal local farm ingredients.

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We'll Deliver Right to Your Door

Your basket is delivered weekly (or bi-weekly) in those purple people feeders you've probably seen around town. No pressure though, you can always pause, skip or cancel at any time.

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Why It's Worth It

Love what you eat

Supporting small scale local and organics farms and a highly curated market means you enjoy the most delicious and crazy fresh produce that also preserves farmland here in Ontario.

Fair price for farmers

We work with our farmers to agree on a fair price for their crops beforehand (vs haggling down market value). It's fresh and delicious for you and fair for them, too!

Always something new

We give you access to over 50 local artisans making the best of what's around to help you discover the highest quality, exclusive, small-batch, delicious food. Period.

Save time

Forget the thousands of trips around the city and get all of your favourites easily ordered and customized online.

Lower your carbon footprint

With farms close by, and only covering our delivery area once per week, we cut down on emissions. We have also reusable totes and glass jars, and donate to carbon offset for any recycled packaging.

Community building

Your support helps us support organizations right here in our community like food banks, charities and animal sanctuaries (and lowers food waste to boot).

Doing Good, Together

Every day we're building a food community that contributes to something bigger. Learn more about our initiatives and the organizations we support, together!

Doing Good, Together Doing Good, Together

Top Questions

  • What's in the basket

    We have a few produce baskets to choose from (Fruit & Veg mixed baskets, Fruit Only, Veg Only, etc.) as well as a few different sizes. We change what's in them every week based on the season and what's coming in from our Farmers. We'll email you each week to let you know what's coming!

  • Can I customize my basket?

    No problem! Each week, after the produce boxes are built, we'll send you an email so you know what's coming. From there you can go in and make as many changes as you’d like up until your order deadline (10 am the day before your order for Monday - Friday delivery days and 10 am on Friday for Saturday and Sunday delivery days). Also, if you want to make sure we never send you a particular fruit or veg, you can put it on your ‘never send' list by going to 'Produce Preferences' under 'My Account'. Heads up that customization is not available on “The Value Box” and setting dislikes in your ‘Produce Preferences’ section won’t impact the contents of your Produce box if you have ordered “The Value Box”.

  • How do I add prepped meals and pantry items to the basket?

    In the market, you can either hit 'Subscribe' to add it an item to your Subscription (and it will come with your basket each week) or you can hit the '+' button and it will add it to that week's order only.

  • Do I need to "check out" when I'm done creating my order?

    No need! We save everything you've put in your basket and assume that it is final as of your order deadline.

Friendly & safe delivery to your door

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