Gordon's Goat Dairy

Wroxeter, Ontario

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Available Products

Gordon's Goat Dairy, Ontario
~200 g875
Gordon's Goat Dairy, Ontario
~200 g765
Gordon's Goat Dairy, Ontario
~200 g765

Our Story

Gordon's Goat Dairy is a small, family run farm business started in 1999 by farmers Gordon, Bethany and their son Jeremy. We began our business originally by milking goats but that proved unprofitable.

We then switched to goat cheese production in 2010 in our licensed on farm plant. The milk used to produce our cheese is harvested from our own goats which are fed hormone and GMO-free crops grown on our farm. It is then low-temperature pasteurized and handled gently to ensure a wholesome, fresh, creamy product. We think you’ll love it!

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