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FeelGoodGuru, ON
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FeelGoodGuru, ON
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FeelGoodGuru, ON

Our Story

feelgoodguru is the creative extension of the passions & beliefs of moira nordholt & her small team of chefs, nutritionists & health gurus. it’s a lifestyle of wellness & optimism whose mission is to deliver you delicious healing food for body, mind & planet.

our values are a reflection of our own: integrity, authenticity, simplicity. we believe that simple, organic, whole plant foods taste best & have the power to heal disease, alleviate suffering & make the world a better place.

everything in our shop is organic & hand-made. it’s not fast food and it’s not cheap. we don’t compromise on quality because we believe your health is worth it.

we honor the growers & beautiful beings who work to bring food to our tables.

we invite you to do something good for yourself. we bow to the guru in you.

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