Cheeks Ahoy

Peterborough, Ontario

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Our Story

"In 2013 our first baby was born, and I was so excited to start cloth diapering! But once I did, it occurred to me that while I was reusing diapers, I was throwing away disposable wipes at an alarming rate...

So I sewed up my first batch of flannel wipes and loved them so much that I made a set for another new mom. They loved them too! So I thought to myself - why can't every family have the benefits of these awesomely soft and effective wipes?!"

-Leah Black

Since then, Cheeks Ahoy has expanded their inventory to include reusable face rounds, nursing pads, unpaper towels and kids cloths- just to name a few. Each item is handmade and is sewn with love and care in their home in Peterborough, Ontario.