Gormley, Ontario

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Our Story

Ben Cullen grew up in a gardening family and, in pursuit of his love of food, attended agriculture college in Ridgetown, Ontario, the heart of Ontario’s farm country. While there, he became immersed in the ethos of Ontario’s agriculture industry and forged relationships that are strong to this day. After attending university in Nova Scotia and working in the food industry, he launched Cullen’s Foods to promote a model of food business that connects agricultural producers more directly with consumers.

Meet the Farmers

Chad and Amy Fennell of Fennel Farms(pictured with puppy)

Chad and Amy raise beef and grow a variety of crops in Middlesex County, Ontario. Fennell Farms traditionally was a conventional beef operation that they aspire to take in a more sustainable direction, with 50 acres of land converted to organic in 2016. Chad and Cullen’s Foods founder Ben met while studying agriculture in Ridgetown, Ontario. With Chad and Ben’s shared passion for agriculture, they have toured farms as far as Wyoming, US and the Netherlands together.

Derek and Marie Brouwer of Brouwer Organic Farms

Derek started farming in high school, first by renting an empty barn to feed organically raised cattle. In 2009, he sold his cattle to focus on growing hay, corn, soybeans and eventually organic black turtle beans, blue corn, spelt, wheat, oats, barley, and peas. In 2010, he bought his first farm. In 2018, Derek and Marie were recognized at the Outdoor Farm Show as “Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmers” for their exceptional farming practices and contributions to the community and province.