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Our Story

Safaroma use our highest quality organic & full leaf teas to blend them with our best quality saffron from Afghanistan in order to give an honest choice for the FIRST TIME EVER to people around the world to taste their favourite teas with infused Saffron.

We strongly believe that everything we do should benefit the health and lives of our customers. We do this by carefully selecting the finest & certified organic teas and spices grown in the most optimal conditions from growers who provide sustainable wages for their workers. We are committed to being good environmental stewards that will allow the planet to flourish for generations to come. Our products are of highest quality, low cost, and socially impactful. Our added strength is the ability to highlight the role of Afghan women in saffron production and the empowerment of rural farmers.

We aim to create a brand that resonates with people who care about the fate of developing countries such as Afghanistan and who love to cook with saffron, make tea with saffron, and make delicious meals with saffron.

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