Mirepoix Farm

Milford, Ontario

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Our Story

Owned and managed by Timothy Noxon, Mirepoix Farm is dedicated to bio-intensive organic growing and hand-crafted production methods that allow taste and quality to shine. Tim has been farming for 16 years and has been the co-recipient of Ontario's Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence, as well as Slow Food Canada's Local Food Hero Award. Mirepoix Farm is based in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Mirepoix Farm strives to help make culinary traditions spectacular. Proud to be a certified organic producer of vegetables and herbs. We create small-batch sauces, condiments and dried herbs that deliver great tastes for chefs and home-based cooks alike.

Mirepoix Farm's growing methods and products are Certified Organic through Ecocert Canada according to the CFIA's Canadian Organic Standards.

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