Sweet Hart Kitchen

Toronto, Ontario

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Our Story

Since early 2016, we've been working hard to elevate plant-based, gluten-free and refined sugar-free food. Guided by an intense passion for natural, nourishing, simply delicious treats, we love nothing more than bringing these mighty-fine creations to life for you, day after day.

In our little shop in Toronto's Kensington Market you'll find an ever-evolving menu of baked and unbaked treats, inspired by the seasons and lovingly hand-made from scratch.

Everything we do starts with high quality, wholesome and organic ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. We're uncompromising about what we use so that we can create treats that please your tastebuds while fuelling your body!

Most of all, we want to prove that this is the future of food. If we can create items that indulge your senses while nourishing your body - without any of the fillers or harmful stuff - why wouldn't we?

Toronto natives Alexandra Courts and Julia Hart are passionate about wholesome treats and eats. Alex and Julia can be found recipe testing away in the kitchen, riding their bikes across the city, or spending as much time as possible with any animal friends they meet along their ventures.

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