Crooked Tree Fine Foods

Collingwood, Ontario

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Our Story

Crooked Tree Fine Foods Inc. was created to provide a trusted brand of healthy, tasty, diet and allergy-friendly foods that naturally fuel the mind and body. All of our food is produced in small, high quality batches and personally inspected by the owner to ensure it is flawless and delicious.

Monica’s labour of love became the foundation for Crooked Tree Fine Foods. After discovering that one of her sons faced behavioural challenges and food intolerances she began to shift her family’s food habits towards a more natural and wholesome diet. Over time their family kitchen adopted new behaviours and wonderful transformations started to happen! The entire family slowly became leaner, healthier, more energetic and overall happier as unnatural foods were replaced with nutrient-rich foods. Planning and preparation was the bread and butter of making her family’s new food habits stick. Monica saw an opportunity to share her ready-made, nutrient-dense foods packed full of flavour and real ingredients with others eager to adopt healthy food habits but short on the time needed for planning and preparation.

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