Zocalo Organics

Hillsburgh, Ontario

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Our Story

Bethany and Seb were lucky enough to purchase their land in 2014 from a man named John Sutherland, who had farmed organically for 25 years before them, and managed the land with long-term sustainability in mind. The farm is a combination of greenhouses, gardens, hayfields, cedar forests, conservation wetland, a small orchard, and more! Twenty-three acres of wetland run like a ribbon through the centre of the farm and are an important part of the Grand River watershed. They limit their use of heavy equipment on the farm and mainly accomplish their gardening tasks with a small Italian-built walk-behind tractor designed for market gardening. They use permaculture techniques, soil testing, mulches, and hand tools to grow great food.

For their first 3 years they were Certified Organic through Pro-Cert. In early 2017, after consulting with their customers, they decided to stop being certified. Please read their blog for the full story. Their commitments to ecological farming methods remain the same, and we are proud to be partnering with this conscientious and dedicated pair to bring you delicious, non-certified, organic produce!

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