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Millbank Cheese

Millbank, ON

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Millbank Cheese, ON
~250 g1475
Millbank Cheese, ON
~250 g1275
Millbank Cheese, ON
~250 g1475

Their Story

Created in 1908 from a vision held by several local farmers, a cheese factory was set into operation.  Today, Millbank Cheese still uses traditional recipes and local dairy suppliers to create the cheese it’s known for.

In 1908 local farmers were looking for a way to use the surplus of milk from their dairy operations and thus Millbank Cheese was born.

In 1972, Millbank Cheese became the first Canadian factory to have an automated cheese-maker, imported from Europe. This “cheddar master” did it all: it stirred the cheese curd; it sliced, matted, and turned the cheddar slabs; and then it milled the cheddar slabs into curds, which could be sold as curds or pressed into cheese blocks.

In 2003 the store reopened to sell a wide variety of cheese and dairy products and othe‎r fine foods.

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