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Guelph, ON

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Their Story

GoodLeaf is a hydroponic vertical farm, growing greens that are straight up good (pun intended).

Established in Guelph, Ontario back in 2019, Goodleaf is all about bringing you your favourite fresh greens that are grown close to where you live, all year round. 
As a fully indoor vertical farm, you can imagine they do things a bit differently. For them, it starts with non- GMO seeds planted in a curated and responsibly sourced growing medium that’s peat-based (versus soil-based) and their greens are grown hydroponically under UV lights! Growing indoors, means they’re able to be super picky in cultivating the perfect environment for success (regardless of the season or the weather), which means top quality greens without the need for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (or any other -cides). 
And, while they aren’t organic, we’re really excited to be able to bring you more local greens during the winter months to fill in the gaps from our local greenhouse growers until we can enjoy the fresh bounty of local organic field greens during the local season!

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