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Best Baa Dairy

Conn, Ontario

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Best Baa Dairy, Ontario

Their Story

Best baa Dairy started out as member of Ewenity Dairy Co-operative in 2001, when the Co-op members started producing sheep milk product with their milk. By 2007, Ewnity dairy transitioned into Best Baa Dairy, located in Fergus, Ontario where our cheese is situated.

We, the Bzikot Family, firmly believe in producing quality sheep milk products with as few additives as possible. Our Amish farmer practice sustainable farming and treat their animals with love and respect, shunning the use of hormones, profilactic antibiotics and GMOs. In winter, the sheep are fed hay and haylage, in summer they enjoy the great outdoors. We , for our part support them whole heartedly and give them fair returns for their labour. We greatly appreciate the loyalty and efforts of our employees. It is only with their help that we can produce quality products for our discerning and appreciative customers.

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