Backyard Honey Company

Waterloo, ON

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Available Products

Backyard Honey Company, ON
Backyard Honey Company, ON
Ginger Creamed Honey
Backyard Honey Company, ON
Wildflower Honey (1Kg)
Backyard Honey Company, ON
1 Kg1800
Creamed Wildflower Honey (1 Kg)
Backyard Honey Company, ON

Our Story

We started keeping bees in 2013. We now have 34 hives and we keep them as naturally as possible. We can’t control where they forage (they will fly up to 5 km) so we are reluctant to use the term organic, but we use no antibiotics or synthetic chemicals on them. Our honey is unpasteurized and delicious!!!

Some of our bees are in our backyard (of course) while others are on nearby organic farms they share with cows & horses who also enjoy the clover and other flowers. We try to give them all they need and then leave them alone as much as possible so they can do their amazing work. We hope you enjoy the products of our hives and our bee family!

Catherine & Jack

Catherine also runs a Bee School to educate children on why bees are so important to us! Her talk includes the basic biology of the bee, the way to distinguish between bees and wasps and their importance.

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