Mnandi Pies

Toronto, Ontario
Our story

Mnandi Pies was born out of nostalgia of a time when the owner, Evis Chirowamhangu, was growing up in Zimbabwe.  Savory pies are a very popular street food and snack in Zimbabwe. Evis grew up in a large family which made it financially difficult for her parents to afford any luxuries and at the time, savory pies were definitely a luxury.  Once in a while, her mother would be able to afford to buy a pie that she would cut 9 times to give all her kids a taste. It is that taste that stayed with Evis. When she moved to Canada, she couldn’t find anything like the Zimbabwean Pie on the market. And therefore she set out to make her own, thus, Mnandi Pies was born. Mnandi Pies aims to entice food lovers in the Toronto area with pies inspired by the Zimbabwean Cuisine.  

Evis Chirowamhangu
Toronto, Ontario
Items we provide
Kale and Carrot Hand Pies

Kale and Carrot Hand Pies

Mnandi Pies, Ontario

$ 10.00 for 2 pies

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