Samsara Fields

Waterford, Ontario
P: (519) 443-7311

Certified by Eco-Cert.

Our story

Samsara Field's mission is to "think globally, act locally". After travelling through much of the developing world, JP and Soyoung "found organic living to be not an alternative lifestyle choice but an important direction if humanity wants to survive an impending environmental collapse." Since 2010 they've dedicated themselves to farming holistically, believing there are no quick-fix solutions to the crisis in global food security; but that providing fresh food, full of flavour and grown organically and locally, is one of the best ways to help us move towards a sustainable future. We couldn't agree more. They are certified organic by Eco-Cert.

Samsara Fields
Waterford, Ontario
Items we provide

Beans (Black Turtle, 1/2 lb)

Samsara Fields, Ontario

$ 3.65 for 1/2 lb

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