Fiddle Foot Farm

Mulmur, Ontario

Fiddle Foot Farm is planning on applying for organic certification shortly, and so hope to be certified in 2019. Regardless of their status this year, we know that in many ways they're already growing far beyond the certified standard.

Our story

Fiddle Foot Farm is a biodynamic farm that that does not use any synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. All the seed they use is untreated, and often certified organic. They are a member of the CRAFT network (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training), and offer several biodynamic and organic farm apprenticeships each year. They make their own compost and biodynamic preparations on the farm, using only inputs sourced from the land they grow on and the animals they raise (without any antibiotics or hormones, and fed only a grass-based diet). A few years ago Graham and Amy considered certifying, but conducted a survey amongst their customers and found that the overwhelming consensus was that it wasn't necessary or desired. Though not certified Organic, we feel they exemplify everything Organic stands for, and more!


Fiddle Foot Farm
Mulmur, Ontario
Items we provide

Beets (White, 2 lb) - not certified, grown organically

Fiddle Foot Farm, Ontario

$ 5.45 for 2 lbs

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