Food Forest Organics

Certified Organic by Eco Cert 

Our story

 It all started from a desire to leave the corporate rat race and live a slower-paced, more meaningful lifestyle close to nature.

At Food Forest they grow a large variety of organic vegetables - no toxic pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers. Just fresh, healthy, delicious produce. Their growing practices are chemical-free and sustainable. They use simple, time-tested techniques to nurture and enrich the soil so it can do what it does best - grow nutrient-rich vegetables. The methods are simple, but yield amazing results.

Food Forest:
-Follow sustainable organic farming practices,

-Grow only heirloom organic varieties,

-Use an old farming method that does not include tilling the soil, which is the norm today for both organic and conventional farming (we rely on earthworms for that).

  • Certified Organic by Eco-Cert

Hugh Phillips
Brampton, ON
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