Salad Jar of the Week (Mama's Hacienda)

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The easiest way to get a delicious salad into your basket each week! Each week a different salad will be chosen from our Kitchen menu and added to your order. The salad for next week will be listed on our website by Friday afternoon. 
This Week's Salad: Mama's Hacienda (Large Jar)
Don't come around here without your appetite or insatiable need for flavour. Roasted sweet potato, grilled red onions, sweet red peppers, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos and cumin crema on a bed of brown rice, black beans, and greens, with a lime
vinaigrette dressing.
 If you are looking for a zero waste salad option, look no further! Once you're done, place your jar back in your bin for our team to clean and re-use (a quick rinse would be appreciated :)
Keep refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy.  Best consumed within 3 days
750mL (container size)
400g (approximate salad weight) 


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