Tomatoes (Tear Drop, Yellow, 1/2 pint)

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 The Yellow Teardrop cherry tomato is similar in texture to a typical cherry tomato but milder in flavor and smaller in size, with a shape like a pear. Hence, this variety is also known as a Yellow Pear tomato. It is tender-firm and thin-skinned, and its juicy texture looks like that of a vine-ripened tomato. It has lots of seeds, and its flavor is rich and sweet. Like most varieties of Teardrop or Pear tomatoes, Yellow Teardrops are heirlooms that grow on indeterminate foliage. The plant produces an abundance of small yellow fruits, about one inch in size, throughout the season, and it grows best in warmer weather. The plants are large, sprawling, and hardy, and often require staking or caging. 

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