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Your body is going to love this vegan salad loaded with lots of green goodies. Packed with flavour, this salad is going to give your day the health and energy boost you've been craving. 

If you are looking for a zero waste salad option, look no further! Once you're done, place your jar back in your bin for our team to clean and re-use (a quick rinse would be appreciated :)
Keep refrigerated and stored upright until you are ready to enjoy. Made fresh daily using the best organic ingredients in Mama's Kitchen. Best consumed within 3 days.
Available in Small and Large (pictured) in your choice of a Box or Jar. 
Family Box - size: 48oz, weight: 484g (4 oz. of dressing)
Regular Box - size: 32oz, weight: 350g (2 oz. of dressing)
Jar - size: 750mL, weight: 400g (2 oz. of dressing)
When purchasing a salad in a box,  there is 5 cents built into the price that will be donated to offset the carbon impact of this packaging.
*The product picture is not correct. It is diced cucumber instead of the broccoli. 

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