Sarah Britton's Fattoush Salad

Mama's Kitchen

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Sarah Britton's take on a Fattoush salad brings all the freshness and lightness of a simple salad with the complex flavour of our housemade Za'atar.

If you are looking for a zero waste salad option, look no further! Once you're done, place your jar back in your bin for our team to clean and re-use (a quick rinse would be appreciated :)

Keep refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy. Made fresh daily using the best organic ingredients in Mama's Kitchen. Best consumed within 3 days.

Available in Small and Large (pictured) in your choice of a Box or Jar.

Large Jar - size: 750mL, weight: ~400g
Large Box - size: 48oz, weight: ~400g
Small Jar - size: 500mL, weight: ~300g
Small Box - size: 32oz, weight: ~300g

When purchasing a salad in a box,  there is 5 cents built into the price that will be donated to offset the carbon impact of this packaging.

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