Farm Loan Program

We’re focused mainly on helping grow small to medium sized farms. We met with our farmers throughout the winter to plan out the growing season.  Because of our model, we’re able to guarantee the produce will be purchased by our customers immediately upon harvesting.  This allows our farmers to plant their seeds confidently.  It also allows them to plant more diverse varieties (that they would otherwise avoid, if it weren’t guaranteed).  Finally, it also allows our customers to access their produce within a day or two of being harvested.

Beyond this, we also loan money directly to our farms and have aggressive goals to increase the amount we’ll lend over the next few years.

2016 Projects

A new property for Kind Organics

Kind Organics have been farming entirely on rented land for the past 7 years (4 different properties with 4 different landlords). Mama Earth loaned Kind Organics funds to allow them to purchase their own land in 2016.



Upfront Payments for Circle

Circle Organics are doing some of the most cutting edge things within the organic food movement in all of Canada. From winter greenhouses, to environmentally friendly buried storage to working with the contours of their land and forest. Mama Earth provides funds in the winter (and they pay it back through the produce they provide in the summer).

Circle Organics


2015 Projects

Upfront Payments for Circle

Mama Earth provided funds in the winter of 2015 to allow Circle to invest in seeds and infrastructure to make their summer harvesting more cost effective and efficient.


Our Long Term Goals

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