Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I sign-up?

That's our favourite question! It's easy - click the "Get Started" button on the top-right corner of the page and we'll have you registered before you can say "I love healthy food".

When do I get billed?

We charge you on the day of your delivery. You’ll get an email immediately confirming the charge you and listing all the items in your delivery.

Do I have to commit to a regular order?

Definitely not. We understand that life is busy and things are constantly changing. Most of our members choose a weekly or bi-weekly order including items that come automatically through standing orders. But you can also order more sporadically as you see fit.

When will I get my first order?

It depends on your neighbourhood. We deliver to each neighbourhood once or twice per week. If you want to see your delivery day, you can look here.

How do I pay?

Credit card please and thanks! We welcome Mastercard and Visa. As a small business, we're not in a position to accept American Express. This is because we're committed to paying our farmers and employees fairly while keeping our prices reasonable, and the fees charged by AmEx make this a bit more difficult for us. In the past, we've tried accepting e-transfer, cash and cheque but found the logistics involved got in the way of our goals. So we're keeping it simple with Mastercard, Visa and Visa Debit. Thanks for understanding.



Can I shop throughout the week?

Absolutely. Modify your basket as much as you'd like. We’ll send you an email when we've finalized the basket for that week (about three days before your delivery day), from there you can go in and make as many changes as you like up until 10am the day before your delivery.

Is there a way to check out an order?

No need! We save everything you’ve put in your basket and assume that is final at 10 am the day before your delivery (or 12 pm on Sunday for Monday customers).

What if I'm unhappy with an item in my order?

It's on us! We want you to love every item in your order. If you don't, let us know and we'll credit the value of the item right away (and do everything possible to ensure it never happens again).

There's a product I love that you don't carry. Can you help?

Of course! We love to learn about new healthy, local, organic products. Just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!

How do I create a never send list?

In My Account – click the link that says “Produce Preferences” and you’ll see a list of produce that you can mark as “Never Send”. Note these items will sometimes appear in your basket when you get a reminder email. Don’t worry – we’ll remove those items for you before your delivery (unless you've already customized your basket, then we'll leave it as is!).

I'll be away for a week or two. What should I do?

Let us know! You can adjust your schedule for the next 12 weeks in the My Account section. Look for the section that says "Skip a Week".

I forgot to make changes to my order and now the deadline is passed. Can you help?

Of course! Give us a call or send an email and we’ll do our best to get things sorted.

Can I add something as a standing order?

Absolutely! Use the “subscribe” button when browsing products to add items to your standing order. You can choose how many you’d like and whether you want it weekly or bi-weekly too.

How do favourites work?

The favourites section lets you put all the products you love in one place. To add a favourite, click on a product to view its details. From there, you’ll see a heart icon on the top left of the product picture. Clicking that heart will add an item to favourites. You can check out your list of favourite items by clicking 'More' (from the catalogue list at the top of the page) then 'Favourites'.

How do I update my payment information?

In My Account – click the link that says “Contact & Billing Info” and you’ll see a field to update your payment info.



What is a basket?

A basket is an assortment of the freshest produce we can find, curated each week based on season, quality, and value of items available from our farming partners! The contents changes each week and you can customize it as much as you’d like. We have baskets with fruit and veggies, fruit only, veg only, local only and juicing baskets. Get one or get them all!

Can I customize my box?

Totally! All the baskets are fully customizable! We'll email you once we've finalized the basket contents each week (about three days before your delivery day) to let you know what's coming. From there you've got until 10am the day before your delivery (or noon Sunday for Monday customers) to make as many changes as you'd like. It's free to customize any of our baskets over $50 and just $2 to customize baskets under $50.

How does customization work?

After you receive our email letting you know your basket is ready, head to our site and look at your current order. You’ll see your basket listed and a link that says “Edit basket”. Swap things in and out as you see fit. When you've made all your changes and the basket is full again, your order will be automatically saved.

What's my basket delivered in?

Your basket will be delivered in a rubbermaid container with frozen water bottles (if needed) to keep the food cool. Please don't drink the water bottles! We wash and reuse our delivery bins so please leave out your empty bin and water bottles on your next delivery and we'll swap them out with your fresh basket.



Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery is free except for delivery to London, ON. Due to the distance from our warehouse, we have to charge a small fee ($2.50) to deliver to that area (but we'll waive it if your order is over $75!). Delivery is free to all of our other delivery areas (as long as your order is $30 or more - otherwise there is a delivery fee of $2.50). We hate delivery fees but we need to charge something to cover the costs and ensure we can pay our drivers fairly.

Do you deliver to condos and apartments?

Absolutely. We actually have several options when it comes to delivering to apartment/condo buildings, so hopefully we can find a strategy which works for you!

1) If you are able to remotely buzz the driver in, that’s obviously the easiest solution if you’re not home at the time of delivery (and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door).

2) Many customers are able to provide us with an extra key to the building, so we can let ourselves in and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door.

3) If you have a concierge or building security, or a willing landlord or neighbour on the premise, we can either leave the bin with them or contact them to let us in.

4) We can leave the bin outside (or in a lobby or mail room if there is such an accessible place). We rarely have problems (sometimes pick a discrete location like a bush or bench), we guarantee our deliveries 100%, so if it is stolen we would fully credit you and do our best to redeliver.

5) If none of the above options work for you just give us a call or email and we’ll do our best to problem solve. We can be flexible!

What time will you deliver?

Between 1 and 8 pm. Your delivery will generally be the same time each week and just depends on where you fall in our driver's route.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Get in touch and we’ll give it a shot. We optimize our delivery route to help reduce our carbon footprint and keep our costs manageable. So that makes it tough to accommodate specific time requests. We’ll certainly try our best, but just can’t promise. If you want to check when your order will be delivered, you can contact us and we will see if we can give you an estimated arrival time for that week. Note too that you don't have to be home at the time of delivery.

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

No problemo. Most of our customers aren’t home for delivery. We deliver your order to your doorstep or your preferred location. Your deliver comes in an airtight rubbermaid container. On hot days, it maintains a cool temperature for at least four hours. On freezing cold days, the container is also able to stop the produce and food from freezing for a few hours. So, you’ll have fresh organic produce at your door when you arrive home!

Can I put my delivery on hold?

For sure! You can skip anywhere from 1-12 weeks by going to the My Account section and clicking “Skip a Week”. If you want to put your account on hold longer, email or call and we’ll help you out.

How can I change my address if I’ve moved?

Easy! Go to the My Account section and click on “Delivery and Billing Info” (or email/ call and we can help out).


Our Food

Where does your food come from?

We source as much food as possible from small, local family farms near Toronto. We've spent years (ever since 2007) developing our relationships with our many farmers and artisans. We believe in personal relationships, sourcing food from people who make the food themselves and feed it to their own families.

We do also source food from farther afield to give our members the widest choice of organic food available. We label everything with its country of origin so you can see where each item comes from.

Is everything certified organic?

Most of our basket items are certified and any uncertified organic produce is only from farms we know and will be labelled clearly as non-certified. Most of our non-produce is certified and organic too but we do have some items that we believe are healthy enough to sell, even though it may not be made with all certified organic ingredients.

How long is your produce in the warehouse?

We aim to have produce arrive the day before delivery and some items like bread and juice are made the morning of your delivery. Freshness is a huge focus so we get things to you as soon as we possibly can.

How should I store food to keep it lasting longer?

Here’s some general rules:

1. If your produce spoils after just a few days, you might be storing incompatible fruits and veggies together. Those that give off high levels of ethylene gas—a ripening agent—will speed the decay of ethylene-sensitive foods. Keep the two separate.

2. Never refrigerate potatoes, onions, winter squash or garlic. Keep them in a cool, dark, dry cabinet, and they can last up to a month or more. But separate them so their flavours and smells don't migrate.

3. With the exception of leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables should not be washed before storing. Washing will hasten deterioration of the produce. It is best to wash produce just before preparation or eating.

4. Refrigerate fruits and vegetables in perforated plastic bags to help maintain moisture yet provide air flow. You can use a knife to make several small holes in a food-grade plastic bag.

5. Do you want some of your fruits to ripen faster (avocado – we’re looking at you)? Place the fruit in a paper bag with an apple or banana and soon that fruit will be ripe enough to eat.


My Account

How do I find the My Account section?

Click on the menu bar on the top left of the page after logging-in. You should see “My Account” as one of the first options in the drop-down menu.

How do I change my account information?

Click the "My Account" section in order to change your personal information, delivery preferences, credit card info and much more.

Why do we have a $30 produce minimum?

Working with our farms to buy their fruits and veggies is at the heart of what we do. All the non-produce items are a bonus - they're items we love and wanted to share with our members but we basically just break even on them. So there's at least 2 reasons we ask you to buy $30 of produce: 1) to help support the farmers we work with, and 2) to ensure we can cover the costs of working with our farms, packing your order and delivering it to your door.

How do I get a purchase receipt?

That's easy - just go to the "My Account" section and select the "Previous Orders" tab for a list of your last twelve orders.

How do I cancel?

Oh no - we were hoping you'd never ask! But if you must or call us and we’ll help you cancel. Sorry to see you go!



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