Mama Earth Organics

Our organic food baskets are delivered to our customers’ homes – throughout Toronto
and the surrounding area – on a weekly basis.

Heather works directly with local
organic farmers
to source the
freshest items available each week.

Modify your entire order,
skip a week or cancel anytime
and delivery’s free.

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Local food is our priority. All of our fruit and vegetables are certified organic.

Fresh organic breads…

– from St. John’s and Brick Street
Bakeries – & St. Urbain Bagel!

Farm-fresh eggs…

– from a small-scale organic
farmer in the Kawartha’s

Organic & natural


Delivery’s free!

We deliver organic produce and food directly to your home or office. We deliver to a different area of Toronto (and the GTA) each day of the week.  Most of our members automatically receive a delivery on a weekly basis.  Most also make changes and additions each week (but you’re free to leave it as it is – or skip a week or cancel anytime)

We try to make everything as convenient as possible for our members. We’re very picky. Our goal is to get the freshest possible food to you, with the shortest period of time between being harvested and delivered (most of the time in season within 24 hours).

We also work with our favorite artisans in the city, who bake and prepare local and organic food for us each morning (4 different bakeries!). It’s easy to add any of their items to your order anytime (at the same price they charge in their bakeries/stores) and have it baked fresh, just for you each morning. Then delivered with your order. It’s really an amazing service.

Thanks very much for visiting us. I hope you enjoy it!

Heather and Alex